Why Can't I Manually Assign a Vehicle?



If you attempted to use the manual assignment tool and received a pop-up after clicking "Confirm Assignment": You lack the proper permissions to perform this action
Then you do not have permission to use the manual assignment tool. Permission to use this tool is controlled by Swiftly. 
What to do: If you feel that you've been denied permission by mistake, please reach out to your Swiftly Customer Success Manager to request an account change. 





If you received a pop-up after clicking "Confirm Assignment": Error: [Reason - such as "The vehicle did not match spatially to the route"]
Then your attempted assignment does not conform to Transitime's assignment parameters. For example, you may have attempted to assign the vehicle to a route that is too far away. 
What to do: Double-check that you selected a route that is within 100 feet of the vehicle you attempted to assign. Did you select the correct schedule block? 

Note: "The vehicle did not match spatially to the route" message will appear if Swiftly expects that vehicle for the block to be at a different point in the route. 

After double-checking your information, please reach out to us via the Intercom message icon in the bottom-right corner of the dashboard or email our support team at support@goswift.lyBe sure to include: time and date of incident, a screenshot of the pop-up, vehicle ID, and route name. 


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