Getting Started with the Swiftly Dashboard


What is Swiftly, and What does Swiftly do?

Swiftly, Inc. specializes in big data solutions to help transit agencies improve their daily operations, assess policy and planning decisions, and be more reliable for their passengers.

Swiftly Dashboard
The Swiftly Dashboard is a management software that helps users:

  • Understand a transit system’s on-time performance
  • Identify operational problems 
  • Manage an entire transit fleet in real-time with live tracking
  • Replay historical vehicle movements

The Swiftly Dashboard is for internal use only – this is not a public-facing tool. 

Dashboard Modules

The Swiftly Dashboard is comprised of several modules that provide different types of data. These modules can be accessed from the left-side of the Dashboard screen: 

  • Live Map module provides real-time vehicle locations and system health statistics, such as headway status, on-time performance, route assignment information. 
  • On-Time Performance module generates historical reports about the on-time performance of a transit system as a whole or for an individual route. 
  • GPS Playback module has the ability to display historical vehicle movements by route or by an individual vehicle. 
  • Run Times module generates historical reports about the runtime performance of a transit system as a whole or for an individual route.
  • Speed Map module provides average vehicle speeds along a route and over any time period.
  • Help Center is a user support resource with FAQ's, videos, and step-by-step guides (this is located at the bottom of the modules panel)



For continued support with the Swiftly Dashboard, or to have another account created to access the dashboard, please reach out to us via the blue Intercom message icon in the bottom-right corner of the dashboard. 

​​​Contact our Support Team

You may also email our support team at

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