On-Time Performance Filters


On-Time Performance Filters

In the On-Time Performance (OTP) module, allows you to set special filters on your data to hone in on the most important information to you. These filters can be accessed from the left-side of the OTP module on the Filters Panel:



From here you'll be able to set the following filters:

  • Date Range – Select a date range that you'd like to view for the OTP reports
  • Exclude Date(s) - Select a number of dates within your date range to exclude. These may include holidays or other days with unique circumstances that don’t reflect overall performance.
  • Day of Week - Limit your OTP reports to weekdays vs. weekends, or choose a specific day of the week that you are concerned with.
  • Time Range - Allows you, within a defined date range, to look at only A.M. Peak, Mid-Day service, etc. for another way to view your agency's on-time performance.
  • Stops Type - Select from All Stops, Timepoints, or First Stops only.
  • Allowable Minutes - This filter allows you to customize the allowable on-time performance. This filter is only a temporary adjustment of your OTP parameters, and do not effect the OTP standard parameters for your agency.

Once these filters are applied, on-time performance from the system-wide, route-level, and each view will be updated to reflect these filters. Additionally, these will also be applied to data that you download. 

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