On-Time Performance Parameters


On-Time Performance (OTP) parameters are defined in the Swiftly Dashboard as the number of minutes behind or ahead of the schedule a vehicle is running. These parameters determine whether a vehicle is considered “early,” “on-time,” or “late.”

The default settings for On-Time Performance parameters in the Swiftly dashboard are 1 min “early” and 4 min “late.” These default OTP parameters can be reconfigured to any standard definition of “early” and “late” that is used operationally for your agency.

Understanding On-Time Performance Parameters

Let's say your agency sticks with the Swiftly Default OTP parameters--1 min early and 4 min late. 

  • Vehicles departing the stop >1 min early are considered “early”
  • Vehicles departing the stop <= 1 min early and﹤= 4 min late are considered “on-time”
  • Vehicles departing the stop > 4 min late are considered “late”

For example, if a vehicle leaves two minutes before the scheduled departure, the vehicle will be considered early and a vehicle that leaves six minutes after the scheduled departure would be considered late.

To check the default OTP parameters for your agency, look at the “Allowable Minutes” filter shown on the On-Time Performance module’s filters toolbar, as displayed in the screenshot below.

OTP parameters in Swiftly Dashoard

To change the OTP parameters, click on the pencil icon next to the “Display” filter, and toggle the allowable “early” and “late” minutes to any desired range.

Changing OTP parameters

Note: changing the OTP allowable minutes within the OTP module filters does not change the default OTP parameter settings, but will change how your current dashboard session's OTP data is displayed & categorized. If you would like to change your default OTP parameters, please contact support@goswift.ly.

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