On-Time Performance By Route


On-time performance reports can be generated for an individual route to determine how that route is performing. Route performance can be measured using five core reports:

See how the overall route is performing and how this performance is trending over time.

Stops View
On-time performance for departures organized by each stop along this route.

Time of Day View
Departures organized into 30-minute segments over a 24-hour period.

Histogram View
On-time performance information represented as a histogram, grouping departures by how many minutes early or late they were. 

Schedule View
A complete table of every recorded departure for one day. Each row in this table is a trip (trip start time is listed in the far left column), and each column is a stop along those trips. Each cell displays the number of minutes early or late the vehicle departed a stop. Click on any cell to to get details about that departure. 

Tip: Schedule view is only viewable for one day's worth of data. If you've selected a date range, Schedule view will display data for the most recent day in that range.  



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