How do we add a new user to the Swiftly Dashboard?


Adding new user accounts to the Swiftly Dashboard is quite simple, and is done by emailing the Swiftly Customer Success Team about it. Here's what to do:

  1. Email the Customer Success Team at:
  2. The email must include the following information:
    • First and Last name of new user
    • Position or Job Title of new user
    • Work email of new user*
    • Modules that this person should have access to**

* work email must be unique (no other account has been created under that email account) and active (accessible by someone to fetch the login information we send to it). 

**You may want to limit access to certain modules for some accounts. If you'd like this, please specify which modules they should have access to (Live Map, GPS Playback, On-Time Performance, Run Times, Speed Map). If you don't specify this, their account will automatically have access to all purchased modules for your agency. 


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Here's a good example of an email format you can use:

Swiftly team,

I'd like to have our newest staff member, Tammy, setup with an account for the Swiftly Dashboard. Here's her information:

  • Tammy Applebee
  • Director of Operations
  • She will need access to only the Live Map, GPS Playback, and On-Time Performance modules. 

Thank you,


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