About Speed Map


The Speed Map module visualizes the average travel speed for a route between segments (distance between two stops). This tool helps you identify where planning efforts should be focused by identifying streets with slow travel and stops with high dwell times. 




The basics

Set your parameters – Select a route and direction from the top-left corner drop-down menus, and select a time range from the calendar selector in the top-right corner. 

Visualize slow segments – The slower the segment, the more red the segment line will be. Check the Legend in the top-left corner for reference. Click on any segment to reveal more detailed information about average speed and the number of recorded trips. Zoom in closer to view average speed by segment displayed right on the map. 


Spot high dwell points – Zoom in closer on the map to view route stops, represented by circles sized by dwell time; Larger circles mean longer average dwell time, smaller ones mean shorter average dwell time. Click on a stop to reveal more detailed information, like the average of the average dwell, and the number of recorded trips counted. 

Edit the Speed Legend – From the left-hand Filters panel, select Display to edit the speed legend. This will allow you to edit the "buckets" that are color-coded on the Speed Map.


Why can't I see Speed Map module on my dashboard?

Since the Speed Map is an additional module available for purchase, not all accounts will have access to the Speed Map. Contact Swiftly by emailing support@goswift.ly find out if your agency has purchased the Speed Map module. 

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