On-Time Performance Basics


The On-Time Performance (OTP) module gives insights into your transit system’s historical schedule adherence. By understanding where vehicles are scheduled to be versus where they actually are throughout their runs, Swiftly accurately identifies when and where vehicles are early, late, and on time. In the OTP module, you can view overall schedule adherence performance over a particular date range or narrow in on a particular route to understand where routes become problematic - at specific stops, during certain time windows, or both - so that you can make informed decisions about how to triage and resolve schedule and planning issues.

Note: Swiftly looks at stop departures for the on-time performance module. 


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The Basics

Summary Overview: You can view the overall on-time performance across all stops and routes for your transit system. Also, you can view changes and trends to your on-time performance over the past 30 days and the past 6 months.

Filters: In the On-Time Performance module you can look at data for your whole system, or hone in on a specific route's performance. You can also look at performance for a single day or over a longer date range. In this specific module, you can exclude dates that may impact on-time performance (snow days, events that disrupt service, etc.). Lastly, you can always adjust on-time performance parameters--these changes will persist in other modules during the current dashboard session but any setting changes will reset when you log in again. 

Also, Swiftly can handle last stop performance in three ways: (1) including last stop arrivals in performance reporting normally, (2) including them but treating early arrivals as on-time, or (3) simply excluding last stops from the data sample entirely. This is a filter you cannot change yourself but can request to change by contacting support@goswift.ly Note that whichever setting you choose will be in effect for all users at your agency.

Routes Overview: You can view on-time performance for all routes or specific routes. If you select a single route, you can view OTP by stop, by time of day, by severity (histogram), or at the granular schedule level. Need to quickly see OTP for a specific group of routes in the dashboard? Contact support@goswift.ly and we can configure a route group for you.

Own your data: When you use Swiftly, we help process and display your data in ways that help isolate problems, but at the end of the day, the underlying data is always yours. You can easily export the underlying data we use to generate charts in our dashboard to CSV so you can merge with other data sets or run your own analyses.

On-Time Performance Use Cases

Check out the following use cases from a couple of Swiftly customers who used On-Time Performance to improve their transit systems. 

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