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Vehicles must be "assigned" to specific trips within the Swiftly platform in order to display accurate real-time arrival predictions for passengers and to analyze historical vehicle performance. While Swiftly uses smart algorithms to automatically assign most vehicles to trips and blocks, there may be cases where you'd like to manually assign vehicles to routes. In these cases, you can use the manual assignment tool to override the auto-assignment functionality.


The basics

  • Swiftly will allow any vehicle to be assigned to any route with an active schedule block. 
  • Once a vehicle is manually assigned, it will remain assigned to that route, trip, and block so long as it continues to follow the route path (spatial matching) and so long as it arrives at stops close to the scheduled times (temporal matching). Therefore, the parameters for remaining assigned are consistent for all vehicles, whether they were assigned automatically or manually (see Assignment Parameters)
  • If you assign a vehicle to a block that's already been assigned, the previously assigned vehicle will be removed and become "unassigned".
  • Assignment changes will affect live predictions on customer-facing tools as well as all performance reporting in Swiftly Insights.
  • Not all dashboard accounts have permission to manually assign vehicles.


You can access the manual assignment tool from the Swiftly Dashboard Live Map module.

  1. Click on the vehicle you’d like to assign. A vehicle details window will pop up.
  2. Click on the Change Assignment button. A window will appear with a table displaying information about routes (only active routes will appear) and missing assignments (these cells will display which blocks are missing vehicle assignments out of all active routes. For example: “3 (of 20)” means that out of 20 active blocks, there are 3 that are missing vehicle assignments.
  3. Select the appropriate route from the Action column
  4. A new table listing all active blocks for your selected route will appear. This table will contain the following information: Block IDStatus ("Assigned” or “Missing Assignment” indicates whether a vehicle is already assigned to the block), Start Time/End Time (indicates the start of the first trip of the block, and the end time of the last trip)
  5. Select the desired block from the Action column.
  6. A confirmation screen will appear, reviewing the vehicle, route, and block information you’ve selected. Click Confirm Assignment to finalize this action.
  7. You should see a pop-up that confirms the assignment was successful



*If you receive a pop-up that does not confirm the assignment was successful, here are some reasons why: Why can't I use the manual assignment tool?

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