Reporting an Issue: Tips and Tricks


When it comes to issues that you notice in Swiftly Transitime (predictions) and Insights (dashboard), there are a lot of tools at your disposal to find out more information. GPS Playback and Live Map are both powerful tools for investigating issues you notice on other modules (On-Time Performance) or on passenger-facing tools. 

For example, if you notice that a vehicle is unassigned on an active route right now, you have the ability to investigate when the vehicle became unassigned, and perhaps surmise why that happened (vehicle detoured from route, for example). 

Additionally, reporting these issues with accuracy, clarity, and detail is crucial to helping find a resolution for you. The less detail you provide, the longer it will take to find a solution or explanation for the issue. 

You can report issues to our team via or use the "Contact Us" button within the Swiftly Dashboard. 


Here's a general guide of how to report an issue to Swiftly: 

  • What was the noticed issue? 
    • Bad example: "The bus disappeared!!!!"
    • Good example:"The bus icon disappeared from the Live Map module"
  • When? Where? How? 
    • Good example: "noticed at 4:58 pm, 2/18, Bus 358 on Route 7, near Main Street stop"
  • What did you do to investigate the issue?
    • Good example: "After I noticed this issue, I used the GPS Playback to see what happened. It looks like the vehicle became unassigned from the route at 4:37 pm, I think because it made a detour off the route. Then it just stopped reporting at all at 4:57 pm because there was no reported location after that time."
  • Provide visuals of the problem – especially for mobile issues (prediction question from Google or Transit app)
    • Good examples: screenshots or video recordings
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