Why are vehicles not showing up on the Live Map?


For agencies who are using GPS trackers provided by Swiftly: 

If a vehicle is not displaying in the Live Map module (be sure to check both Assigned and Unassigned vehicles), then Transitime is not receiving any location data for the associated GPS tracker. There are a few reasons why a GPS tracker may not be reporting to Transitime:

  • Vehicle is on but stationary: Transitime filters out unassigned vehicle data for trackers that are stationary for long periods of time. If a vehicle is on but hasn't moved in 30 minutes and is not assigned to a schedule block, you will likely not see it on the Live Map module. 
  • GPS tracker is not receiving power: If the vehicle is turned off, the GPS tracker will not be receiving power form it's main source. This could also mean that the tracker was not properly hardwired to the vehicle.  
  • GPS tracker is not able to lock enough satellites for GPS: trackers require a minimum of 3 satellites  in order to locate its position. If the tracker cannot lock this many satellites, it will stop reporting to Transitime. 
  • GPS tracker is not able to connect to cellular network: In some cases, the tracker may not be able to connect to a cellular network. Trackers use the cellular network to transmit location data to Transitime. This can occur in very remote, rural areas or in deep valleys. 
  • GPS tracker is using an outdated configuration: In some rare cases, it may be possible that the tracker will need to be reconfigured remotely by Swiftly staff. 

What to do next: Check on the GPS tracker in the appropriate vehicle. 

Are both the green and orange LEDs lit up? In what pattern are they blinking?

If the tracker is not getting any power, neither LED will be lit up. If the LEDs are lit up and blinking at a constant rate, that means the tracker is likely having trouble connecting to cellular network or locking satellites for GPS.

Is the external antenna screwed in tightly? Does the window-mount have clear access to the sky?

Double-check that the window-mount is in a position where has clear access to the sky; antennas need clear access to the sky in order to lock satellites for GPS locating. 


After you've checked on the GPS tracker, report this information to us.  



For agencies with an AVL/GPS feed not provided by Swiftly: 

If a vehicle is not displaying in the Swiftly Dashboard Live Map module– and it is confirmed that it should be reporting – please contact your Swiftly Customer Success Manager. 

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