Live Map Basics


About Live Map

The Live Map module allows you to view real-time information about your fleet, such as on-time performance, headways, and assignment issues. This tool helps you identify and address issues as they occur, putting you in control of your real-time data.


The basics

Overview: Vehicles are color-coded by their on-time performance, by real-time headway status, or by direction. Larger vehicle size or darker color saturation indicates that a problem (i.e. earliness or bunching) is more severe.

View assigned vehicles by selecting one or multiple routes from the drop-down list. View vehicles that are reporting but are not assigned to a route by clicking the switch labelled "Show Unassigned Vehicles." Filter vehicles by direction in the "Show Direction(s)" section.  

Vehicle Search: Search by vehicle ID or pick from the drop-down menu to locate a specific vehicle on the Live Map. 

Real-Time Stats: This health report helps you monitor fleet performance in real-time. "Active Trips" are trips the total number of active blocks with trips that can be assigned at that moment. "Unassigned" is the number of active trips that do not have a vehicle currently assigned to them. 

Vehicle Details: Click on any vehicle to get details like the Vehicle ID, trip information, on-time performance, live vehicle arrival predictions, and more!

Manual Assignment Tool: From the vehicle details pop-up, click the "Change Assignment" button to manually assign that vehicle to a route. 

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