GPS Playback basics


About GPS Playback

The GPS Playback module allows you to easily replay any moment in time to reveal historical schedule adherence, speeds, vehicle positions, and more. You can generate a GPS playback for a whole route or for an individual vehicle. 




The basics

Overview: Select a route, vehicle, or block from the drop-down list, select a date, and specify a time range. Once the Replay is generated, you can toggle the playhead at the bottom using your mouse.

Tip: Tap or hold the left/right keys on your keyboard to move forward or backward in the playback.

Vehicle Details: Click on any vehicle to get details like the Vehicle ID, trip information, on-time performance, and more!

Show All GPS Data: This will allow you to view all GPS reported positions as small dots on the map. Unassigned vehicle locations will be displayed in bright red.

GPS Playback by Vehicle, Block, Driver*, or Run*: Use the drop-down menu to generate a GPS playback for a specific vehicle or block. 

Play button: Use the ▶️ button at the bottom of the GPS Playback screen (left of the timeline) to auto-play vehicle movements without having to click-and-drag the timeline playhead. Click "1x" to increase the play speed (button will update to 2x). 

*For agencies that have such information integrated into the dashboard, GPS Playbacks can also be generated by driver ID or Run ID. 

Tip: This is a great tool for identifying gaps in GPS signal; a lack of GPS dots in a particular region may indicate that trackers were not reporting their location. 


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