Why am I still seeing old vehicle IDs even after Swiftly updated the vehicle ID?


Why am I still seeing old vehicle IDs even after Swiftly updated it?

Let's say you request a vehicle ID update with Swiftly because you moved a tracker from one vehicle to a new one. You may still see the old vehicle ID (in addition to the new one) in the Swiftly Live Map. The old vehicle ID for that tracker will remain visible on the dashboard until the next time Swiftly reboots your agency's servers. 

Here's why:

Swiftly will continue to display the last known location for any vehicle that's reporting to us. When vehicles are turned off, Swiftly will show where and when that vehicle last reported it's location – which is useful when you're trying to locate a parked out-of-service bus. 

This means that when we update a tracker's labeled vehicle ID, we'll still show the last known location of the old vehicle ID. 

For example, let's say tracker 1 was labeled as "Bus A". Then at 12:00 pm, Swiftly changed tracker 1 to display as "Bus B"... you would see that "Bus A" is a vehicle that stopped reporting at 12:00 pm, and "Bus B" as one that started reporting at 12:01 pm. There will be no more updated locations for "Bus A", so you might see the last GPS Ping as several hours ago, while "Bus B" is updating every 10 seconds. 

The "cache" of the old vehicle IDs is cleared when Swiftly reboots servers that have your agency's information on them. Swiftly already reboots servers for any given agency after we process new GTFS versions, or when we make other changes to your agency's configuration in our system. 

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