Is there API documentation to help Developers?


Many users of Swiftly may want to accomplish goals with our data that require manipulating or transporting data in ways best suited to APIs. Swiftly has a full suite of APIs related to its different real-time and historical datasets. All Swiftly API use must be compliant with Swiftly’s Terms of Service.


Within your Swiftly account dashboard, you can always navigate to view our API guidance and testing environment by clicking the Menu button in the upper right, then selecting "API Guide."


This API Guide will show you:

  • Permissions and limitations of the API key(s) you have access to
  • How to test your key authentication, as well as test calls
  • Full documentation about every real-time or historical API call you can make with your API key(s)

You can read more information on the APIs that Swiftly provides and how to access them by reading our Swiftly API Documentation. 


If you don't see the API Guide in your dashboard menu, your account does not have permission to use the Swiftly API yet. You may request an API Key or access to one by filling out the Swiftly API Request form (link below).


Looking to request an API Key?

You may request an API key by filling out this short online form: Swiftly API Request form




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