Swiftly GPS tracker battery appears to have melted 


This information below outlines how to investigate and troubleshoot issues regarding trackers provided by Swiftly. The information below does not address issues related to AVL feeds not provided directly by Swiftly.


If you notice that a tracker isn't working, and it looks crumpled and expanded, like so: 



...this means that the tracker is being stored in a place that is too hot. To resolve the issue, move the tracker to a place in the vehicle that is not as hot. To get the tracker working again, follow these steps:

1. Safely remove the battery from the tracker, like so: 


2. Reconnect the tracker to the power harness. 

** Trackers don't actually require the battery in order to function. Tracker batteries are used as an additional source of power after a vehicle is switched off. If the battery is removed, trackers will rely only on the vehicle as a power source, and will stop reporting after the vehicle is turned off.**


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