Vehicle (Swiftly GPS tracker) is not showing on Swiftly Dashboard


This information below outlines how to investigate and troubleshoot issues regarding trackers provided by Swiftly. The information below does not address issues related to AVL feeds not provided directly by Swiftly.


If you notice that a vehicle is not showing up on the Swiftly Dashboard Live Map, and you expect to see it running, here's some things you can check for on your own:

1. Check both Assigned and Unassigned vehicles on the Swiftly Dashboard Live Map

2. Inspect the GPS tracker unit on the vehicle. You'll want to check for the following (make sure the vehicle is turned on first):

Are the lights on and/or blinking?

  • If lights are not on – the tracker is not getting any power. Make sure the power harness is plugged into the tracker, the power harness is still wired to the vehicle. If you've checked that the tracker is plugged in properly and lights are still not on, skip to step 3. 
  • If lights are on – how are they blinking? 
  • There is an orange light and a green light on each tracker. Please document how they are blinking – solid? blinking consistently? 
  • Here's how a well-functioning tracker's LEDs will look:
  • GPS_Trackers_LED_lights.gif

Is the external antenna plugged in properly? 

  • Check the SMA/SMC connections of the window-mounted external antenna. 
  • The window-mounted external antennas should be connected via the GPS (SMA) and GSM/Cellular (SMC) ports of the GPS tracker, like so:



Has the vehicle been stored in a garage or covered place?

  • In some cases it's possible that the tracker is not able to get cellular connection, especially if it's been in a covered place, like a garage. Take it out of the covered place and check for the above information. 

3. After you've completed steps 1 and 2, please contact us and let us know what you've checked for. 

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