Changing a vehicle ID for a Swiftly GPS tracker that you've switched out


This information below outlines how to investigate and troubleshoot issues regarding trackers provided by Swiftly. The information below does not address issues related to AVL feeds not provided directly by Swiftly.


The Swiftly team should always be informed about any changes in tracker installation, including the following instances:

  • If you de-install a tracker (without replacing it)
  • If you replace a tracker in a vehicle with a new one


Here's how to communicate a change in tracker installations:

  1. Make the appropriate changes to the GPS Tracker Log that your Swiftly Customer Success Manager has shared with you. If you don't know where or what that is, message us.
  2. Communicate via a short email to that there were changes made.


More information about why this is the case: 

  • Every tracker in possession at your agency has an identifying number, called the ESN**How to identify a tracker's ESN**
  • Swiftly staff references the GPS Tracker Log to relabel those tracker ESNs so that they show up as their proper vehicle ID in the Swiftly Dashboard. 
  • When you change a tracker out and it's not communicated to us, then we will still show the tracker labeled as it's older vehicle ID, which will get very confusing for your team. 


Why am I still seeing old vehicle IDs even after Swiftly updated it?




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