How to Use the Passenger Predictions Map


The Passenger Predictions Map (PPM) is a passenger-facing tool available to any Swiftly Transitime customers. The PPM is found at live.goswift.lyand is accessible to the public. 


This simple interface is accessible from most web browsers on mobile and desktop devices, making it a great option for passengers to use from their home computers or tablets before leaving the house! (note: there's no additional app or computer software needed to use this tool.)


How to Use the Passenger Predictions Map

The PPM is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Select a route from the left-side drop-down menu
  2. Select a route direction
  3. Select a desired stop from the drop-down menu

Alternatively, you can select a stop location on the map to reveal the next predicted arrivals. When viewing predicted arrivals, you may be able to view the corresponding vehicle location on the map. 



Where to Put the Passenger Predictions Map

The Passenger Predictions Map URL can be linked anywhere for promotion purposes, and can even be embedded directly within your existing website!

What's my shareable PPM URL? 

Look for the simple URL at the top of the PPM when you've selected your agency:

You can use your PPM URL to include in your website as a simple weblink. 

You can also embed the Passenger Predictions Map right into your website. Here's an example from Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority.


What's the difference between the Passenger Predictions Map and the Live Map (Swiftly Dashboard)?

  • While much of the information may look the same, the PPM and Live Map are two very distinct tools. 
  • The Swiftly Dashboard Live Map is an internal tool to help your team track and manage your fleet in real-time – this is not to be shared publicly.
  • The PPM is designed as a public tool to help passengers get access to real-time predictions using a simple, accessible interface.

Should I just tell passengers to go to

  • We recommend directing passengers to your agency's specific PPM URL. (ex.
  • The URL "" by itself will take users to a list of all the available transit agencies that Swiftly supports – this would be an extra step for passengers that may cause confusion.

Is the Passenger Predictions Map an app? 

  • No. The PPM is accessed from any browser on smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer – there's no additional app or software to download.

Can I tell passengers to check out this article for information on how to use the PPM?

  • Since this Help Center was designed to help transit agency staff, we'd prefer that this article not be shared with the general public. 
  • If you want to include directions on how to us the PPM, we recommend copy-and-pasting the "How to Use the Passenger Predictions Map" section above into your own website. 


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