How do I make a change to a route, stop, or schedule?


Changes to routes, stops, and/or schedules are made in your GTFS data. 

Your GTFS feed is likely managed by someone within your agency or by Trillium. Your GTFS is not managed by Swiftly. If you don't already know your Trillium manager, simply email or contact your Swiftly Customer Success Manager for assistance. 


GTFS data includes static information, such as: 

  • routes & route shapes  changing which streets a route travels on; removing a route segment; adding a new route
  • stops – names, locations, and codes; adding a new stopchanging the location of an existing stopchanging the name of a stop
  • schedule – changes in trip structure, schedule blocks, timing, and anything related to switching service types (especially around seasonal changes)


If your GTFS feed is managed by Trillium

If your GTFS feed is managed by Trillium, please contact them about any of the above changes that you want changed: Changes to GTFS may require detailed information from you, such as schedule tables, maps, or a list of stop locations. Discuss with your Trillium manager what kind of information they need to implement these changes.

Any changes to the GTFS data are posted as a new GTFS revision. Trillium posts new revisions to a special URL that Swiftly polls every few hours; Swiftly will detect when new revisions are posted, then process them in Transitime. The revision (and all the changes that come with it) will "go live" once the servers restart, which occurs every evening at around midnight local time. It may take up to 24 hours to process a GTFS revision after it's been posted. 

Tip: Any kind of unexpected re-route is likely to affect Swiftly's auto-assignment feature. For predictable long term re-routes, such as construction detours, it may be wise to have changes made to the GTFS data while these re-routes are in effect, so that assignments and predictions aren't adversely affected. 


If your GTFS feed is managed internally

Swiftly likely has an established method of retrieving GTFS revisions. In the best cases, GTFS revisions are posted to a special URL that Swiftly polls every few hours. In some cases revisions are provided directly by email.

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